5 Of The Best Tracks We Heard This Week

Sidi – “Trip”

The quantity of electronic music has far exceeded the amount of quality art in the same genre. It is an arena that is difficult to break out of the typical mold. When we find an innovative artist in this space, we breathe sigh of relief. Such is artist Sidi. Her take on the genre is refreshing and confident. The artist’s voice is sultry and biting as it unfolds in a space similar to FKA Twigs. It is the sort of downtempo jam that will stay with you long after it stops playing.

Quigley – “Watch With You”

This British four-piece has found itself sharing the stage with similar acts like Hozier and James Bay and for good reason. This track has a hint of ballad in it while never selling out its rock roots. Floating into a building sense of urgency, it floats and soars into listeners’ hearts. The act has crafted a special sound that will hit you as both familiar and refreshingly original. They are due for a continued rise and breakout. Prepare yourself.

Automatic Fiction – “I Thought We Were Tomorrow”

This track is deeply intriguing to us. Vocally it reminds us of Radiohead but instrumentally, it is heavy on synths as well as strangely upbeat. It twists and breaks in a way that is unusual for indie rock. We counted at least three dramatic sound changes within the mere four-minute track. They released their first EP Spring Inclination last year and this is their first track of what we can only hope is their next release.

Pink Slip – “Said It All” (feat. Estef)

We absolutely love this track. From its cinematic beginning to its ultra mellow soul groove – we are hooked. Just under a minute in, it breaks out into something of a neo soul jam. Pink Slip is the passion project of Kyle Buckley who is quickly becoming a rising star with his solid production and catchy song structures. He easily blends pop, hip-hop, and funk to create one hell of a crowd friendly jam. The Nashville artist by way of Atlanta is prepping a four song EP Pink Motel that is due for release sooner than later this year.

Bryce Fox – “Coldhearted”

It starts with a geographical shout out to a few cities before breaking out into a soaring bridge made complete with sirens. The space described between cities is used as a greater metaphor for the space between two souls and the restless spirit of the artist. If you love Imagine Dragons, this will be your new favorite jam. It is exactly the pop music we love – catchy, memorable, and deeper than expected. His sound casts a wide net and is sure to connect with more than a few discriminating fans.

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