3 for Thursday: Three Must Hear Tracks

Shay Esposito – “Let Me Down”

Her upcoming album Sunday dropped recently and it is something special. The Alberta artist mixes electro pop with heartfelt lyrics that are rare in contemporary music. Her music speaks of something deeper within the human experience. As well as making genuine art, she also speaks on the importance of mental illness and anxiety support. Openly sharing her struggles has given her a fan base that applauds her transparency as well as her sound. While many will undoubtedly compare her to Ellie Goulding or Demi Lovato, I respectfully hear a new voice in pop music that has the potential to surpass these talented pop queens. There is definitely something special in both her sound and her message.

Dreamspook – “Fear in Love”

So I admit, there is little about this act. I mean very little. In fact, I am worrying I won’t have enough to fill up this section. But what I do know, is “Fear in Love” is a piece of haunting brilliance. The upcoming debut album is coming at some point in time. I guess we just enjoy this spacey track until then.

Dead Hello – “One For the Gun”

There is something gritty and striking about this LA act. The most recent project from Callin Passero mixes Delta blues with California rock and man is it tight. He sings like Interpol but with more soulful vocals and dirty solos. Their newest single “She Don’t Love (Bellboy)” was the first we heard, but it isn’t even available right now to stream. Checking out “One For The Gun” reminded us of how diverse their sound is. This one has a Stone Temple Pilots feel with heavily fuzzed out guitar and a drumbeat that is just enough to pull you in.

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