The 3 Most Compelling Rock Tracks We Heard This Week

Tusks – “Toronto”

The project from the expressive Emily Underhill and written in the city it is named after, “Toronto” has an incredibly affecting feel to it. She is able to create a wall of sound that reverberates as much in your soul as it does your air buds. It is a highly mature and cinematic sound that will resonate with fans of Sigur Ros and James Blake. This is the first taste of her debut album due out later this year. Give this a play and soak in all of its building expression.

Missio – “Middle Fingers”

This is unexpectedly my favorite song of ’17. There is a surprising element of everyday man songwriting that regardless of musical taste, you have to appreciate. Its chorus is guaranteed to stay with you – and that is exactly what great music does. The bearded duo from Austin is slowly winning fans and has recently been added to Sirius XM’s Alt Nation tour. This is the sort of rebellious track you wish more artists had the courage to create. It’s raw, takes no prisoners, and boasts some of the most memorable lyrics of the year.

Ola Sweet – “Big Sleep” / “Strange Lately”

So these guys rock. The Boise-based duo have a knack for crafting mature rock jams that dip and weave through genres like a prize fighter. For example, “Big Sleep” is a slow burner that sways and bobs through your headspace, while “Strange Lately” rocks crunchy guitars and dirty blues. Undoubtedly, these two will get compared to another duo from Akron, Ohio, and to an extent this is fair. But don’t sleep on their uniquely crafted sound or you might just miss one of the tighter bands we have come across recently. Their debut EP Santiago was recorded in a breathless five months and is available now. Buy it, would you?

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