LA Hitmakers Coast Modern Give Us Some Of Their Favorite Tracks

We asked the LA duo Coast Modern to give us some of their favorite tracks from other artists and they were happy to oblige. If you need a quick reminder of this band’s unique skill of making danceable and clever indie pop, then check out their new track “Comb My Hair” which plays out like a psychedelic Weezer track. Their debut album is due for release on May 5th and sounds like it will be more than worth the weight. These guys will be huge.

1. Go Dreamer – Mood Swing

Caught this guy live and it was a funky affair. He’s got a fresh, weird take on funk r’n’b.

2.  CocoRosie feat ANOHNI  – Smoke ‘Em Out

A primo jam for our current era. That chorus with ANOHNI is too catchy.

3. Promises Ltd. – Days of Lavender

This was a cool discovery… they have a sound we’ve heard a lot– warbly synth arpeggios and dance beats– but it’s uplifted by some great songwriting and moments of harmonic bliss.

4. Soft Hair – Relaxed Lizard

A new fav from two of our favorite weirdos combined, Connan Mockasin and LA Priest. They make the most jacuzzi-friendly tunes in this galaxy.

5. Dessert – Back Around

We flipped when we discovered this band. So fresh sounding, and tugs some deep strings inside.

6. Dude York – Tonight

Great new song from the homies in Dude York. When Claire digs into the word “tonight” it feels so triumphant and empowering.


Check out these sweet tracks from our playlist providers too while you’re at it:

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