/// Three Rock EP’s to Punch Your Saturday Soul

Northern California three-piece Thunderchief have a flare for the dramatic. Whether it is through song title (“Sudden Death in the Flesh” comes to mind), the nickname “butcher” for their bassist, or the pure magnetism that embodies every riff and soul-shattering drum beat. These guys are the real deal guaranteed to punch you in the soul and eardrum as they tread on similar ground to Queens of the Stone Age, Jet, and the White Stripes. While their EP is only four brief songs, it is guaranteed to stay with you no matter your genre preference. “Skinwalker” is reminiscent of a rock classic complete with vocal howls and thumping bass. “Sudden Death in the Flesh” is relentless with its circular guitar explosions and Jack White style vocal bursts: “what’s the point of living your whole life if nobody remembers you?” “Bad Man” is a cocky and brash tune that will make you glad to be alive. You need these songs in your life. Buy it.

“We want our records to be punchy, lean and blazing. Straight in, no kissing” – OTHERKIN If ever a description was accurate, it is this one. The Dublin band are young, cocky, explosive, and love The Clash. If that doesn’t win your admiration, then give one listen to “AY AY”. The perfect rock anthem has been streamed over 60 million times as the soundtrack to the “People Are Awesome” video. Their “The 201” EP will make you believe in rock again. It is fun, confident, and extremely catchy. “Love’s A Liability” is the perfect punk anti-love anthem and needs to be in your speakers as soon as you pick yourself off the ground after “AY AY’.

Out of all of bands on this list, State to State were the most difficult to classify. The alt rock act from LA is similar to powerhouses like Muse but they are confidently their own act. Their newest EP, Motives, was produced and recorded by Grammy Award nominee Ian MacGregor who has worked with as diverse acts as Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots, and All-American Rejects. The production pours through the five songs in a way that still makes it highly accessible and authentic. “My Little Phony” is a crushing introduction to the solid rock act while “Arms” is a slow burning social commentary about laying “down our arms instead of our lives”. Album closer “Pins and Needles” treads similar ground and is a perfect finish to a near perfect EP. It unfolds organically to showcase the talent and creativity of a band on the rise. You would be a fool to miss this one.

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