Marco With Love – Tidal Wave – Blues Soaked Rock

NYC based rockers Marco With Love are best summed up with their Facebook description: “foot stompin’, ass shaking, hook laden, indie rock’n roll”. In a world of mass promotion, this brevity is much appreciated. The boys of Marco play pure, unadulterated, rock that has drawn lofty comparisons to Tom Petty, The Kinks, and The Ramones. That is a pretty tall order for any aspiring band to live up to, but they somehow do it with a stiff spined confidence. If their latest EP Tidal Wave is any indication of their talent, these guys will make some serious noise this year.

“Leave It Behind” is a perfect audio biography of what the band is all about. The tune unfolds like a defiant middle finger to the expectations of the masses. Frontman Marco Argiro drops F-bombs with rock style abandon over a Raconteurs style guitar groove and hand claps. This is the soundtrack for those who prefer life on their own terms.


“Poor young and Gifted” is my favorite track of the EP. Its haunting guitar work reminds me of a sleazy bar tune at closing time. The band plays like a slow burning desert rock serenade reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age. The cocky swagger and riffs make you appreciate what the band does so well – stay true to their identity while not attempting to over reach to sell records. Discipline like this separates good bands from great bands.


Title track “Tidal Wave” is another tune about breaking the status quo with reckless confidence. It is an existential examination set to a pedal steel quiver. Album closer, “Waiting Around to Die”, is the perfect Townes Van Zandt cover to complete the album. It tells the story of heartbreak and bad choices as well as the story of this four song emotive EP. Tidal Wave comes out July 17th and is totally worth the small amount you will pay on iTunes.


For fans of: dirty rock, the defiant spirit, smooth guitar work and tales of whiskey soaked evenings, Revolver-era Beatles

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