Desert Noises–making me want to move to Utah.

My musical habits are mostly situated in the folk and bluegrass realms (aside from the constant stream of Disney/Julie Andrews playing at work because I am a nanny and we sing “Let it Go” a hundred times a day.).  Over the weekend I was in my friend’s car and listening to a steady diet of Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, and The Killers and thought that I could probably use a little more rock and roll in my life.  Wish granted when I found Desert Noises in my inbox this morning.  They’ve inspired me to actually start putting music on my ipod again. The gentlemen of Desert Noises are from the magical wonderland of Utah which is a place that I aspire to be one day especially if these are the noises which the desert inspires.  This music is good, solid, timeless rock and roll.  There is a lot of classic, old school inspiration in here.  Some Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin, and Bob Dylan notes.  There are some country/ bluegrassy sounds.  Some real, earthy organic sounds.  It’s beautiful and diverse and it doesn’t get old which is why I am trying to get it onto my ipod (life is hard for a technologically illiterate linux user).  I need to share this with everyone who sits in my car.  These gentlemen have been touring for a while now and made waves and waves at SXSW this year.  They came in as the band who no one knew, and left as the one who everyone was raving about.  Their first full length album, “27 Ways” has just been released and it is a work of art that you should definitely have hanging on your wall.

The album opens with gentle guitar and ocean waves then progresses into some really classy rock and roll. “Grandma Looks” is beat-driven, lyrical.  The delivery is passionate.  The song rocks like the ocean from highs to lows.  Fingerpicking to rocking out.

“Out of My Head” has some wonderful almost choral harmony, voices sing right with the guitars, almost sounding like the same instrument.  “Live in my, live in my dreams”. I love the way that the guitars rift and build and are supported by the drums.  The range of sounds exhibited is immense and very, very beautiful.

“Mice in the Kitchen” begins with a classic sounding, folky melody which quickly becomes a bit more rock and roll but remains a bit melancholy, longing.  The lyrics are poignant and emotive.  “I won’t watch you while you dress tonight.” “I want to know what it is to light this thing on fire”.  It’s the story of the struggles of a relationship. Once I know the lyrics by heart, I will be belting this in the car and all of the people at red lights will think I am crazy.

“Run Through the Woods” has such a beautiful opening.  It’s sad and haunting and grinding and crying for attention. Ok, the entire song is gorgeous.  The vocals soar and dip, the guitars gnash their teeth, the trees try to trip you up, and for a moment you might be lost until you reach the end of the path where the sunlight brushes your skin.

Ok–I am skipping to the end because I just want to tell you about every song, but I can’t because you would never want to read all of those words. “Dime in my Pocket is my favorite track.  It’s a close favorite, but I think it is my favorite.  Remember how my usual realm is bluegrass–this song has some serious bluegrass/ southern rock tones.  There is some twangy, vibrant guitar, soaring vocals, and lyrics about simplicity and religion.  It’s a fingers tapping on the steering wheel, dancing around the kitchen kind of song.  I love it. I love this whole album.  I love this band. Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond (of the Osmonds), Pat Boyer, and Brennan Allen have a really good thing going.  This album was built on breaking away from their Mormon backgrounds to pursue a career in rock and roll and it is working out for them.  These guys are an up and coming phenomenon. I want you to enjoy them as much as I am so go download their album, put it on your ipod, or whatever kids these days are using, and make the people at red lights jealous of how much fun you are having rocking out in your car.


p.s. Look at that album art! It will be up on the Instagram this week!

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