Album Check: Chris Marshall and the August Light–Some Kind of Dream

I was a runner in highschool but then I had a knee injury and a hip injury from running, from dance.  I’m still really active.  I do ballet, yoga, hike, pilates but I don’t run.  Not much makes me feel like running. I do feel this song, though.

Chris Marshall and the August Light has curated a sound that’s sweet and positive and gentle.  There are subtle harmonies and interesting electric sounds.   The first thing I love (even before this song/video) is that this album has an intro.  Putting a nice, instrumental introduction on an album really makes things feel like they’ve been put in order and there is reason to that order.
I like the gentle rock and roll feel of “A Thing Like That”.  Its a song that’s full.  Full of emotions, layered with sound, and sweet lyrics.  This song is singable and easy to listen to.

“Some Kind of Dream” begins with smooth, drippy, electric organ sounds. There are harmonies folded in where you would miss them if you’re not paying attention.  “Castle” is windy, cloudy, and boldly rhythmic.  It’s aged and wise but empty and sad.  “Go Straight Home” has smooth, soaring vocals in caramel, coffee, and pine green tones.

This album is easy as wine and sweet as cake to get down. Please enjoy.

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