Quiet House and Tiny Messengers–Two Folk Bands For Your Tuesday Night In

I looooove the way that Quiet House’s self titled album opens.  “Evening Hymn” is an absolutely breathtaking song. I would love an entire album of gentle hymnic, harmonious, a capella melodies like this, please.  The whole album is pretty sweet, though.  It sounds vintage and gentle.  Acoustic guitar, soft voices.  If you like Iron and Wine, you’ll probably like Quiet House.  It has a similar bare, mossy feel.

Tiny Messengers’ “Aurora” EP is fantastic.  It’s like a walk in the woods or the park depending on what you’re in the mood for.  “Your family drives you crazy anyway but you love them just the same. ”  My favorite track is the ode to “All You Lovers”. Plucky banjo, danceable rhythm, catchy melody, simple lyrics which linger.  I really love this song.  It reminds me of Deathcab for Cutie’s “We Looked Like Giants” which was a really important song at a really important time of my life.  This song is really important for you to listen to.  I love the tambourine and the intensity when the song starts winding down.  Gosh, this reminds me of a wedding I went to in a rain storm.  It’s beautiful.  This EP is really top shelf. IIt’s sexy and mellow. Just the right amount of electricity, the right amount of dirt, and the right amount of party.

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