3 New Artists to Soundtrack Your Weekend

Annie Bacon & Her Oshen – “Mist”

This one has strong Jason Isbell vibes. The way she croons and builds introspective lyrical structures, is similar to Isbell with shades of Stevie Nicks as well. The Americana infused rock definitely will play with much of our audience. Her newest LP Storm has just released and is full of the tight storytelling she is rapidly becoming known for. “Mist” is a meditation on the existential and asks “what are we looking for?” amidst a classic Americana sound. Listeners will enjoy exploring her entire catalogue.

Leyya – “Ease My Mind”

We like the slow burning quality of “Ease My Mind”. The act blend a lot of unique sounds including bedroom electronic and pop to make a perfect late night drive soundtrack. Vocally, it is alluring and at times, heartbreaking. The act have found much success with ad placements and it is obvious why. Their instrumentation is emotive and perfect for putting music to your thoughts. The Austrian duo are earnest and incredibly talented.

Buddy Wynkoop – “Racing”

We know we cover Buddy Wynkoop a lot, but there is good reason. They are unique, refreshing, and fun. And with all the bullshit in the world, they are the perfect anecdote. The Devo adjacent act describe themselves as art punk but they are accessible to anyone who loves interesting rock. The aptly titled “Racing” is a fast tune that races to a dynamic finish. This is the second single off their upcoming album due this fall.

Image courtesy: Leyya IG

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