Three fantastic indie folk tunes including a song of the year candidate

Oliver Hazard – “Honey I’m Hardly”
-Those of you who have been following my writing on music for any length of time know I’m a sucker for a good harmony band. Well, check out this track from Oliver Hazard and you’ll hear a fantastic indie folk sound. The harmonies are beautiful, the melody feels just right, and the lyrics are relatable. It’s got all the makings of a hit folk pop song and I really hope it gets the play it deserves. Fans of bands like The Head and the Heart should definitely check out the great work of Oliver Hazard on this exceptionally delightful new indie folk song. I like it so much I will probably be writing about it again in December.

The Peace Lilies – “As We Survive”
-The resonant energy of the vocal harmonies on this song have impressed me with every listen. The acoustic guitar rolls from line to line, pulling the listener in. The color balance between the vocals and the guitar makes for a magical mix. This song feels like it could have been born in the 1960s, yet has this fresh production to it that makes it feel very much a product of our own time. The unique minor key turns on the verse lines makes the sound stand out in a crowded folk scene. This is an excellent piece of songwriting with an intriguing message.

The Tambourine Girls – “In the Morning”
-There’s a mysterious mood to this track that puts a smile on my face with every listen. It’s hard to explain exactly how the atmospheric instrumentation creates a sense of anticipation. Yet, as the listener leans into the melody, there’s a real feeling of connection. “Without time there is no music… no music without you my friend.” I get the sense that this is a song about a muse; it’s about finding someone that provides purpose behind your art. I’m not sure if it’s romance or some other type of love and inspiration, but one thing I will say for sure; there is a heartfelt sentiment at the core of this track. The contemplative lyrics balance nicely with the unconventional melodic structure. If you’re looking for folk that stands out from the crowd, this is it.

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