Three excellent tracks in the folk rock subgenre worth your consideration

Ian MacGinnis – “Let’s Try Living”
-There’s a rhythmic structure to this song that pulls me in right from the start. Once the vocal enters the track, I can’t help but smile. The lyrical message is about the joy that we get from music and people we love. Try not to get so caught up in life’s obligations that we miss out on what it means to truly be alive. I love the message, the mood, and the unique composition style here. There are some fantastic chord changes on this song. It goes to show that folk rock doesn’t have to follow a predictable pattern to be good. It’s more in line with Ben Rector’s folk pop than a traditional rock sound, but I’m definitely okay with that. Give it a spin!

Fairhazel – “Hot Water Tap”
-There’s a calm acoustic style in the opening of this song that’s sure to make some folks (like me) lean in a little closer. The understated vocal doesn’t always work, but it’s perfect for this song. It reminds me of what I loved about Rusty Clanton’s music. The bubbling brook melodic style reminds me a little of the indie folk artist Jeff Pianki. The avant garde lyricism on this track makes it immediately stand out from the folk crowd. The sonic structures belie the tired tropes of conventional folk rock, instead providing an artful and risk-taking style that absolutely pays off.

David C Clements – “The Garden”
-If you’re looking for a captivating, genre-blending track with folk at its center, definitely give Clements a spin. This song is lyrically rich and quite satisfying. If you have a familiarity with religion, there will be even more to contemplate on this track. The composition style is on another level, though. It puts me in mind of some great songs from the early 2000s. The moments where the cello shines through creates this sense of depth and sincerity. This is a powerful song that is well worth your serious, thoughtful consideration.

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