Three excellent folk singer songwriters to bring peace this late May

Tolan Shaw – “Will Be Yours”
-This is a beautiful song, full stop. I’m not sure if it’s a love song or a worship song. I think it could be both, to be honest. Shaw sings with a sincerity and depth that comes through in each line. There’s a cool softness to the acoustic guitar work that pulls the listener right in. The melody is one that rings true; it’s hard to explain, but not all melodies have such an approachability. It’s a beautiful piece of songwriting, a great vocal, and a memorable melody.

Cat Rose Smith – “Nowhere”
-If you’re a fan of throwback country music, you’ll find a lot to like about the sound of Cat Rose Smith. The sound feels like the perfect blend of rootsy country and mid-century folk music. The phrasing, the timing, the writing, and the overall performance is outstanding here. At times it reminds me of Kitty Wells and at times it feels more like a more modern style like Allison Krauss. Either way, it’s a chill acoustic style that reminds of the importance of listening to good music on our way to “nowhere.” The lyrical message is basically about “taking it easy” and honestly I’m so ready for it.

Air Traffic Controller – “100%”
-A few years back I featured a track called “The House” by Air Traffic Controller and it’s one of the most memorable songs I’ve ever discovered writing about music. So I was eager to hear what a more stripped down acoustic style song might sound like from ATC. I was not disappointed in this song; it feels real, authentic, and moving. The lyrics are about how things always work out, even though there’s also trouble all the time. We really need to roll with the punches. It’s an honest anthem about getting through life.

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