Incredible Singer Songwriters You Need to Hear

Rose Brokenshire – “Habit to Help”

To be clear, songwriter Rose Brokenshire could sing the alphabet and we would be completely enthralled. Yet her emotive vocals are only a small piece of her incredible talent. Musically, “Habit to Help” is dreamy and expansive, reminding us of the rich layers of a Mason Jennings. Lyrically, “Habit to Help” is uplifting with the artist writing it as a way to uplift yourself and friends. This spirit of helping is alive and well with her “day” job as a Wildland Firefighter. She is the quintessential definition of an undiscovered talent. If “Habit to Help” is any sign, this artist is due for huge audiences and massive success.

Annika Kilkenny – “Sentences”

Coming from a musical family, Annika Kilkenny has taken her lineage into a new and exciting sound. Her art is layered and expressive. The track is surprisingly mature, while still having a certain playfulness that makes “Sentences” a can’t miss. Opening for Laufey recently – who is a nice comparison as well – the artist should continue to gain exposure as she treks out with her incredible talent. Her earnest songwriting approach is sure to find an audience with many, regardless of preference.

Lucy Clearwater / Emily Brimlow – “In My Drunkenness”

We love a sad country romance gone wrong ballad as much as the next person. However, what Clearwater and Brimlow are able to do here is nothing short of special. While nodding to the past, the troubadour pair keep it modern. Heartbreaking and lovely, “In My Drunkenness” has a warmth that is only enhanced by the slide guitar and background static. This dark americana track is found on Clearwater’s latest effort “April” and is sure to illicit as many tears as it does “wow”‘s. If you still want to be moved by music, look no further than this incredible track.

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