Three new tracks bringing interesting new textures to the indie rock genre

Andersen Coates – “Assassin (Anxiety)”
-Every time I’ve listened to this song since the day I found it, I’ve been reminded of Fleetwood Mac. Now I know that’s not fair to Coates as this track certainly creates its own space in the chill rock world, but I mean… you have to admit that chill groove is certainly there. Coates has a cool blues-inspired chill rock style that works well. The vocal style does a great job of staying within the coolness of the bluesy pocket in the melodic structure. It’s a beautifully balanced song about what it means to be the “jealous type” in the wake of a relationship.

WILKES – “Wanna Be Us”
-We’ve been known to feature some hand claps around here, so this song is definitely within the type of rock we like to feature. WILKES bring not only the energy of a hand clapping pop rock track, but also there’s this celebratory party vibe that reminds me a bit of “We Will Rock You” from Queen. This is the kind of song that absolutely should be played in arenas for massive crowds. The lead lyric “they all wanna be us” outright demands to be played at a football game with thousands of fans singing along. This song is absolutely a HIT if it can get the wide sharing that it deserves.

Amateur Hour – “Whisper”
-If you know my coverage at all, you’ll immediately hear what I love about this song. The vocal harmonies are beautiful. This is a fantastic track with shades of Queen’s harmony structures. The layered vocals are rewarding. The lyrics are about the whispers and awkward feelings as a relationship comes to a close. Something about the way the different vocal lines blend together reminds me of musical theater in the vein of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The skill that it takes to write and produce a track like this is quite impressive. I’m glad to have found this one and will be personally listening to it repeatedly.

Image courtesy: Andersen Coates IG

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