Three singer songwriters bringing unique creativity to music today

Tommy Ashby – “Comeback Kid” (Binaural Acoustic Version) [feat. Lydia Clowes]
-I don’t know exactly all of the fancy production elements of this song, but what I do know is that it sounds great. The vocal blending, in particular, is absolutely fantastic. We’ve featured Tommy Ashby in the past, so it’s nice to have his artful writing style back. The easy going acoustic energy balances really well with the intricate vocal blending here. The lyrics are about persistence in love toward a partner, love no matter what. It’s beautiful, succinct, and well produced.

Terra Lightfoot – “Someone Else’s Feelings”
-From the first time I heard this track, I was impressed. The energy of the track feels like modern rock and elements of Americana that really pop for me. Lightfoot’s vocal does a nice job of projecting power while still allowing for dynamics to resonate. The lyrical concept is about dealing with someone else and holding your thoughts and opinions for the sake of someone else’s feelings. “When was the last time I felt free? I can’t remember.” It’s a dash of social commentary with an almost prophetic assessment of our distorted (perhaps dystopian) cultural reality.

Alison Stiel – “The Animal”
-When you first click play on this song you’ll think it’s an acoustic folk song… and it is. But you know what else it is? An epic tale. This is narrative folk that unfolds with thoughtful, expressive lines. Stiel’s vocal gives life to the concept of loneliness. It’s crying out, begging for connection and meaning. That longing comes through in the desperation of the vocal. The subtle percussive and backing vocal elements create a calm basis for Stiel’s emotive vocal work. This is one of those songs that says what a lot of people are thinking. We all wonder if we are loved, but Stiel asks it out loud.

Image courtesy: Terra Lightfoot IG

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