Album Review: Remedy Motel – We Are All Around Us

Fans of folk music will find a lot to enjoy on this new album from Remedy Motel titled We Are All Around Us. From the first notes on the album there’s a rich genre blend that’s going to find a lot of familiar followers here on ETTG. Let me explain.

The harmonies on the first track “We are all around us” reminded me of Good Old War. If you know anything about my music story, you know that’s about the highest compliment I can give. Keep listening. There’s some intricate electric guitar work alongside some contemporary Americana vocals. The whole sound feels like a mix of things we support on our site.

The second track “It’s your time” feels like a familiar tune with elements of country and folk mixed together. It’s a song about depression and disappointment. The following “Always mean it” almost has a “Margaritaville” vibe in the opening melodic structure. It’s a song about staying motivated while “telling it like it is,” in a very salt of the earth way.

“Rearrange” has a lighter style on the acoustic guitar and a heavier sense to the vocals. It’s a lyrical deeper concept. The duo vocal style works really well on this one. Speaking of harmonies, “Somehow” might be my favorite song on the whole album. The harmonies feel like a cross between timeless country/gospel style with a sound along the lines of Eagles. It’s a really interesting element. The lyrics are about seeking even if you don’t quite understand everything. It’s got a philosophical element to it that listeners are going to really enjoy.

“Beating Right” has more of a moving rhythm and enjoyable bounce to it. The following “Take Me To Heaven” feels like one of those songs that has layers of meaning to it. There’s an almost confessional character to it. “Don’t Be Afraid” includes some solid harmonies like previous tracks on the album. It’s a song that compels action despite difficult circumstances.

The final track “You Were Right” offers a unique call and response acoustic element in the opening. The vocal has a sincerity to it that feels more like mid-20th century folk than other tracks on the album. It shifts into more of a folk rock style with emotionally driven lyricism.

The album from Remedy Motel is at its best when the harmonies shine through. There’s some interesting pockets of songwriting. It’s a style that should be approachable for a wide range of listeners. Fans of accessible folk and pop-influenced country music will enjoy this one.

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