Fantastic New Rock with a Conscience

Deathcruiser – “Afterglow in Ohio”

Full disclosure, we are bias towards all things Ohio. Our affinity for the Buckeye state is unmatched. Recently, there was a devastating train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio with damming affects to the environment and health of the working class town. Enter Deathcruiser and their lovely ballad “Afterglow in Ohio”. The act bring an urgency and heart to the event with any proceeds on this phenomenal track going to charity. We appreciate the Mason Jennings style vocals and social conscience. Regardless of our bias, this is a great track with a powerful heart.

Dani Mack – “Everybody’s Watching”

If only for the smooth bass and bitingly sweet vocals, “Everybody’s Watching” would be a hell of a track. Yet, the beauty of Dani Mack is their ability to speak on societal matters while building an entire sound style that is unlike anything else. Their newest effort is a spotlight on the constant entertainment culture we live in and the empathy that rarely follows. The artist has a strong Liz Phair style and is guaranteed to draw an even larger fanbase with their newest EP due later this year.

Alex Scalzo – “Backseat”

It is difficult to classify the sound of Alex Scalzo. At first, “Backseat” has a mature punk vibe, before launching into a Dinosaur Jr. style garage rock sound. When it explodes, it even has a Killers feel. We dig the emotion and bite of the vocals. The track makes us want to take a roadtrip, dancing the whole way. The song is a sort of metaphor for life on a deeper sense, but can also be a straight up road record. No matter how you interpret it, “Backseat” is a front seat talent and a gem of an introduction to a stellar talent.

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