Incredibly Unique and Lovely New Songwriters

Sam Krüger – “Superhuman Strength (acoustic)”

The music of Krüger is one of our favorite new finds. His art is full of a nostalgic spirit, showcasing the human spirit. “Superhuman Strength” shares the intimate story of his older brother’s passing. It is vulnerable and healing for listeners who have experienced grief. His singing style is uniquely him and so is his songwriting spirit. Both are compelling and deserving of your attention.

Luke Elliot – “William Tell”

Elliot has an interesting vocal styling. It is almost Cohen’esque and fits his creative storytelling. “William Tell” finds its source material from the story of William Burroughs. Like site favorite Jeffrey Martin (“Billy Burroughs”), both artists focus on the dark humanity and absurd focus on the maniacal killer. This one is definitely a more upbeat while still incredibly dark styling. The sound alone is worthy of a share, while Elliot’s crooning is the cherry on the top of a nihilistic sundae.

Samuel Nicholson – “Gummi”

The new music of longtime songwriter Samuel Nicholson is deeply cathartic. The instrumentation is tight, wondrous, and mature. His songwriting ability shows his talent and experience, but still has an element of fun to it. Vocally, he will remind listeners of Kurt Vile, which for us, is the highest praise. While a modern track, the outro speaking part reminds us of a classic rock style. “Gummi” is fascinating on almost every level and Nicholson is an artist you need to get hip to immediately.

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