The Best Rock Tracks of the Week

Escape the Box – “Freedom, What Is That Anyway?”

We are pretty stingy when it comes to hard rock coverage. Maybe we are old or maybe unimpressed with a lot of it. However, you can bet when we do cover it, the music is great. Escape the Box are that rare act which grab us by our cold dead hearts and make us feel alive again. Lyrically, it is imaginative and sharper than many in the genre and musically the act find a way to capture the current state of the world. This track makes us think of the likes of Underoath. They do not try to do too much, and are able to expertly craft a sound that will resonate with many both in and out of the genre. It’s a real “banger” as the kids say.

Crystal Cities – “The Strangest Dream”

This is an act we have covered through the years to great fanfare. When we last checked in, they were well on their way to breaking through to larger audiences. With their latest track, “The Strangest Dream”, we hear a new and alluring style for the band. The track reminds us of the mature rock styles of The National, while still being highly accessible regardless of listening preference. Crystal Cities have always produced tight and thought provoking rock tracks. We are excited for their latest releases as they continue their rise.

Sawyer – “Fools Gold”

Sawyer have the talent to completely destroy the music scene. Their energy is infectious and perfectly captured on “Fools Gold”. While some in the scene make the mistake of over producing, like vocal effects, the act let the instruments lead the track to great results. It definitely has a new pop punk base, yet is more alt rock overall and maybe that is why we love the act. No matter how you classify them, Sawyer are an earnest rock act that deserves your attention.

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