Three new folk rock tunes for your listening pleasure

Darcy Fox – “Your best”
-The understated style of this track is really satisfying. The lyrics are penetrating and make for easy connection. The overall track stands out in a crowded genre by the sheer force of its authenticity. The opening is good, but once the full band and harmony vocals enter the song really takes off. This is a great tune for fans of folk rock for sure.

Laughter Lines – “Keep score”
-If you’re a fan of a great lead vocal and a brilliant sense of melody, give this track a spin. Laughter Lines have developed a wonderful folk rock style with a beautiful chromatic chord change style. The overall energy of the track is a nicely mixed bag with some introspective lyrics but a bright, engaging electric guitar style. The combination of elements on the song make it a definite must-listen track for fans of contemporary folk rock.

Bike Routes – “Wissahickon”
-Fans of late 90s and early 2000s rock-flavored pop from bands like Jimmy Eat World will find a lot to like about the sound from Bike Routes. The lead vocal does a nice job of cutting through the mix, allowing the listener to follow the lyrics really well. The harmony vocal on the chorus invites the crowd to sing a long, creating a cool effect. The lyrics have a blend of nostalgia, hope, and… astrology? Honestly, it works. Give it a spin and feel a mix of emotions all while cranking out your own vocals on the excellent chorus.

Image courtesy: Laughter Lines IG

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