Three stunning harmony bands to love in 2023

The Wildwoods – “West Virginia rain”
-I love the harmonies on this track. There’s some really clever songwriting on this tune as well, with hat tips to other songs about West Virginia. The classic country elements play well with classic folk elements. The main melody and vocal harmonies are the best parts, though. The lyrical concept is about how nature (specifically WV rain) helps to take away some of the pain that we experience in life. If you’ve ever spent time in the woods when you’re feeling upset, this song will resonate; there’s definitely healing in the wild if you give it time to step away from your routine. It’s a great, old fashioned style song with some relevant advice for our modern day.

Conor and the Wild Hunt – “On your side”
-This is a song about grief of a certain kind. It’s like a combination of CSNY harmonies with a classic hymn. The lament and sympathy in the lyrics are evident from the first line. I’m not entirely sure the subject, but the beauty and execution of the harmonies is absolutely stunning. The mood of the track is so wonderful. I would love to hear more music written in this similar vein pursuing other lyrical concepts as well. This is the kind of harmony-based music that makes me want to find even more music. It’s pleasing to the ear and carries a peacefulness about it that I think we all need in our lives.

National Park Radio – “Long, long night”
-Fans of indie folk music probably already know National Park Radio. They’ve been making quality folk duo work like this for a while. This track has a driving rhythm and a ton of energy. The harmonies are the defining feature of the song and we’re happy to support it here. There’s a sense of movement in the instrumentation and lyrics; it’s about taking a cross-country journey. The lyrics focus on the sense of distance and disconnection, but also a calling to go out and move. The whole production comes together for some beautiful instrumentation and harmonies that epitomize indie folk in the early 21st century.

Image courtesy: The Wildwoods IG

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