Three acoustic singer songwriters reminding us why we love writing about music

Doug Paisley – “Sometimes it’s so easy”
-The phrasing on this track from Doug Paisley is something special. There’s an air to the track that makes it feel like a blend of James Taylor with more traditional country. The end result is an engaging acoustic folk style that resonates deeply. The wispy style on the “doot doo” section of the chorus makes the song feel lighthearted, but at the core of the lyrical concept is about focusing on how we respond to what happens in our lives. “What was bigger than you that you gave yourself to?” It’s ultimately a sonic meditation on intentionality in how we live our lives, but it’s delivered in a beautiful acoustic folk style that we’re happy to support.

Hazlett – “Hesitate” ft. OSKA
-The contemplative acoustic guitar on this track captured my attention right away. The layered vocal style creates a beautiful sound. The atmospheric production style makes it move from more traditional folk into a contemporary pop style genre that works really well. Both lead vocals are really good, allowing the listener to connect with the message of the track. The lyrics are about navigating conflict within a relationship; it’s complex and unnerving to endure, but the sonic concept leans into harmony rather than dissonance. It’s a thoughtful and engaging track that wrestles with challenging emotions with a smooth, engaging atmospheric folk style.

Romy Liz Rose – “Quarter of a Century”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic singer songwriters, you’ll enjoy the bright spirit and reflective lyricism of Romy Liz Rose. The song has an organic, rootedness to it that’s sure to find a lot of support among our readers. The layered vocal harmonies on the recording resonate well. The lyrics are about reflecting on where she is at age 25, given all of the hopes and dreams that she has had in life. It reminds me some of John Mayer’s track “Quarter life crisis” in that regard. The essence of the track is really engaging and deserves a wide audience. Give it a spin if you enjoy introspective acoustic singer songwriters.

Image courtesy: Romy Liz Rose IG

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