Songwriters to Listen to if You Love Phoebe Bridgers

SOMOH – “Anything”

Vocals. Shoe gazey guitars. A simple premise, but when done correctly, this combination makes our melancholy hearts swoon. SOMOH not only knows this formula, but thrives with expert precision within it. The songwriter has a vulnerable and deeply personal style that will remind listeners of some of the best young artists of this modern age. “Anything” is a great introduction to someone who is on top of their creative art.

Howdy, Cherry – “Sorry”

“Sorry” is a master class of intimate and heartbroken songwriting. It is a delicate story that builds beautifully instrumentally. Vocally it is smooth and fools listeners into thinking you are the only one in the room with the artist. We genuinely appreciate the care Howdy, Cherry take with her art and especially love the grand climax of this one. This is a rare talent that demands your attention.

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