Expressive Songwriters You Will “Fall” For

Brown Bear Collective – “Fever”

We like the Fall vibes we get from this track. It perfectly unfolds, dipping in and out of melancholy folk. With lo fi, it is difficult to do just right, but what the act are able to do on “Fever” is rather remarkable and speaks of their rising talent. The duo share vocal duties and it is both inspiring and heartbreaking. If we were to craft beautiful lo fi folk in our musical lab, Brown Bear Collective would be the finished result.

Embleton – “Gonna be OK”

Embleton has been one of those artists we get excited to share, with every measured release. Coming from the ’00’s rock scene, the artist has developed into quite the singer songwriter. “Gonna be OK” has a indie rock leaning and pace, but the bones capture an artist who is an absolute sweet spot in his creativity. The track smacks with nostalgia – which listeners of a certain age will appreciate. The Akron, Ohio act wonderfully embodies the Midwest and our dogged optimism.

Siv Jakobsen – “Tangerine”

“Tangerine” grabbed us and wouldn’t let go. The beauty captured in the sparse instrumentation and vocal quivers kept us stunned for three glorious minutes. The arrangement is surprising, dodging in and out of sonic spaces we did not expect. Lyrically, it is a little suggestive, and maybe a little silly, but it showcases an expressive and one of a kind talent. Siv Jakobsen is one of our favorite new discoveries.

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