Three indie folk tracks you will want for you Autumn calm playlist

Max Garcia Conover and Julia Arsenault – “Don’t let us get rich”
-There’s a lot to say about the lyrical complexity of this song. Mostly, though, the song reminds me of the kind of plaintive folk songwriting that we’ve supported from artists like Joe Purdy. Conover and Arsenault have wonderful, complimentary voices. The folk vocal blending feels perfect for the satirical lyric about class differences in modern society. It’s also a ponderous, almost philosophical reflection on contemporary life and the emptiness of wealth. This is a remarkable song.

Molly Seger ft. Izzy Pomerants – “Little does she know”
-This is a song about a partner finding another person. It’s heartbreaking and so utterly sweet that it’s hard to put into words. There’s a bit of an immature sense to the relationship complexities here, but it captures an intimate relationship between people at a particular point in their lives. I say that to say, even if it’s not something you’re experiencing currently you can probably relate to a time in your life when either you or a friend behaved like this. It’s sweetly sincere and expressive, a prime example of the genre label of “twee.” Give it a chance.

Dylan Espeseth – “Louise”
-There’s a good, driving rhythm and forward momentum to this track. The quality vocal balances nicely with a full-bodied acoustic guitar sound. The combination makes for a sort folk rock energy that permeates through the track. The song seems to be named after a girl named Louise, but the lyrics are a universal experience of having someone who makes you feel really good being with them. Whether it’s about being in love or just wanting to be around them, it’s definitely a song with a beautifully approachable social dimension.

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