Three tracks in the folk and Americana realm that will bring joy to your life

Frances Luke Accord – “In my life” ft. Darlingside
-I hope that you like this song as much as I do. We’ve been featuring Accord for a while and of course we love Darlingside, so we knew the collab was going to be great. It did not disappoint. The careful, measured style here feels like a comfortable style of folk music. The gentle piano and guitar set a nice base for the delightful harmonies. The full sound is good, but the bridge really works for us. This is a dreamlike piece of folk music that brings me joy with every listen. It’s a real treat.

Miles Burger and the Sliders – “Mountain Girl Blues”
-If you’re a fan of bluegrass and throwback music, you’ll find a lot to like with this song. We won’t do too much to analyze the lyrics on this one (‘cuz they’re probably a little naughty), but we definitely like the amiable style of the track. The string work and vocals all work well together. The composition and production are really high quality. We don’t get nearly enough bluegrass, so it’s a welcome change to hear music like this come through. This is the kind of Americana that feels like it’s from a bygone era yet still captures a modern mindset as well; also if you’re a fan of harmonica solos, this might be the best one we’ve heard all year. It’s a great tune!

Jimbo Scott – “Near you”
-Sometimes you hear a song that just captures a mood so well you have to support it. If you’ve ever had a lover that made you feel great, this song will resonate. Scott writes with an optimistic energy that matches the lyrics and upbeat string work really well. Sometimes songwriters over-complicate the main idea of a song. Even with one listen it’s easy to understand both the mood and meaning of this song; it’s a feel good love song about wanting to be with someone who makes you feel good. Simple, but it works really well. For fans of easy going Americana feel-good music.

Image courtesy: Frances Luke Accord IG

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