Three acoustic singer songwriters that bring a sense of calm

Seánie Bermingham – “Call the coroner”
-There’s a placid energy to this track that is evident from the very first string pluck. The overall atmospheric style definitely resonates with each line of the track. Bermingham’s soft spoken vocal works well for the overall calming aesthetic of the track. I found the banjo highlights to be particularly invigorating to the song’s plaintive and expressive style. This is the type of song that will have listeners come back over and over, getting a bit more lyrical insight with each listen. It’s a rich composition.

Bree Rusev – “What is love”
-The phrasing on this track is wonderful. The expressive vocal style is perfect. The combination, though, of the phrasing and the vocal feels like something truly special. Rusev has a sincerity in the vocal that comes through with each line. As the track increases in pacing, it also feels a bit more poignant as the song evolves. It’s not exactly a sad question to ask “what is love?” but there’s a disarming genuineness to the way Rusev asks about what love is. Shouldn’t we all know what love is? So why is it so hard to recognize and why does it disguise itself so much in our lives? This song is a far more philosophical piece of writing than it might seem at first glance. It’s for fans of acoustic singer songwriters who like lyrical depth to the songwriting.

Isak Thomas – “Angie”
-Fans of James Taylor and a particular chill folk rock vibe will find a lot to like with this emerging songwriter Isak Thomas. The composition is clean, easy going, and comfortable. Thomas writes with a free spirit about someone he has to “let go.” There’s a cathartic energy to the way the song expresses letting this love leave his life, even though he clearly has feelings for the person. It’s not at all surprising to hear the lyrical connection to Dylan’s “Forever Young.” The folk soul of the song is evident from the start. I’m excited to continue following the career of Isak Thomas. This is a quintessential folk rock tune.

Image courtesy: Bree Rusev IG

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