Artful and Creative Rock You Need to Hear

Beach Vacation – “All For Me”

This young band are already experts of crafting lush sonic textures. Vocally it plays out like another affecting instrument, with stellar production and delivery. Their initial EP was recorded while the band were still in high school. That EP ended up gaining much deserved recognition across the globe. With “All For Me”, the act show a rare musical maturity and are a definite need to hear talent.

J. Graves – “Bested / Ass U Me”

This NPR celebrated act have a near combustible post punk energy we cannot get enough of. The vocals are intoxicating, reminiscent of Karen O. This is rock and roll at a high level. The recording of their new album Fortress of Fun, was a struggle to make but from the singles we have heard, the work has been rewarded with tight and contemplative sheer talent.

BLOODHYPE – “Glamour”

The Berlin act BLOODHYPE started out as a punk act, before evolving into what they are today. Yet, some of their punk sensibilities remain. “Glamour” is an anthemic rock expression similar to a Killers track. They are an act built for large and packed venues. Listeners cannot help but dance and dream to their infectious vibe. The spirit and talent of this act could easily take the globe by storm.

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