Three thoughtful singer songwriters you’ll want to add to your contemplative and relaxing playlist

Ram Dass – “Trust in the blue”
-The calming energy of the acoustic guitar immediately captures the listener’s attention on this track. Then… the lyrics are thoughtful, poetic, and moving. When the harmony vocal enters the piece, there’s a peaceful sentiment. The question “have you made the world brighter?” emanates from the composition. The philosophical questions at the heart of the song are sure to give listeners plenty to think about. It’s a song perfectly suited for a relaxing and contemplative playlist with chamber folk instrumentation.

Tommy Ashby – “Moonflowers (Best friend)”
-We’ve featured Tommy Ashby a few times in recent memory. This track makes it easy to hear why; Ashby writes with a sincerity that is immediately evident. There’s a subtle sweetness to the composition style that allows the listener to connect with the relationship at the heart of the lyrics. The layered vocals help to make the message of connection feel much more palpable. It’s an easy to listen to song with a real spirit of friendship and interconnectedness.

Connor Mac – “Purpose”
-There’s an R&B vibe to this track from Connor Mac. It combines aspects of pop singer songwriters with a bit of a soulful style, creating an enjoyable pop style. The lyrics are about finding purpose being with someone. It’s really a track about intimacy. If you’ve ever loved or been loved intimately, it’s a song that will resonate. The soulful pop style is certainly pleasing to the ear and the overall energy of the track is relatable to a lot of listeners. I appreciate this one a lot.

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