Three Americana tunes that remind me why I love the genre so much

B Forrest – “Song for John Prine”
-I was excited when I saw the title of this song, but I was even happier when I heard it. There’s definitely some John Prine phrasing on this track, which I genuinely appreciate. Fans of storytelling folk are going to find a lot to like about this sound. Forrest has a bluesy rasp to the vocal and the string work feels really satisfying. The whole composition is quintessential Prine; I’m sure if Prine could hear it he would love it. “Americana and run on sentences” could be an album title.

Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six – “Let me live” (Charley Pride cover)
-If you’re not familiar with the iconic Charley Pride, let this song be a reason to look up and appreciate Pride’s vocal and performance. Getkin and company preserve the spirit of this song well in this cover. The gospel content and style is undeniable here. The organ steals the show for me on this one, but honestly I love everything about it. The beat, the soulful delivery, and of course the gospel choir on the chorus all comes together for a spectacularly “Americana” performance. To be frank, it reminds me of “home” and I can’t ask for a better gift than that.

Stephen Sylvester – “Home to Alabama”
-The production on this song is absolutely exceptional. I wish I could bottle whatever it is that these producers did to make this sound and help other musicians capture it as well. The melody is good, the vocal is great, and the overall style feels like a careful balance of classic Americana with contemporary country music. But it’s the production that really moves this song from good to great. The mix allows the vocal to really soar while the guitar and rhythm sections are able to fill in a nice rock-based country music sound. It just works really well and we’re happy to support it here.

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