YOUR Fresh Summer Indie Rock Classics

Audio Book Club – “She’s Too Cool For You”

This 5 piece act from Oklahoma are one of our favorites. Their ability to blend classic styles, while still maintaining a fresh vibe, makes them a must hear. On “She’s Too Cool For You”, we hear influences like Arcade Fire, Devo, and even a little Nine Inch Nails, and we are here for all of it. This might be the summer hit we at Ear to the Ground have been waiting patiently for. Keep an ear out for their new album which is sure to be filled with surefire hits.

Glom – “I Wanted the Real Thing”

This act has been on our radar for awhile now. With this existentially expressive track, we think they deservingly should be at the top of your indie rock playlist. The band are known for their sonic textures and deep songwriting. On “I Wanted the Real Thing”, they play tightly into their strengths, expressing a deep longing for sense in a senseless world. It all comes together masterfully in their trademark climax.

Flying Gravity – “Day Trip Airport”

Post Rock is a genre we absolutely love, yet do not get many opportunities to share. Thankfully, Flying Gravity came along to scratch our musical itch. “Day Trip Airport” is a rising piece of hope that soundtracks the break of day. It was inspired by the weird in-between feeling we have in the new pandemic life the act saw firsthand while flying. There is a sense of hard fought optimism that makes this track extra special to us.

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