Three tracks that will have you pondering what “alt pop” is and why you love it now

Working Memory – “Witness”
-Do you feel this beat? My goodness. It’s funky but also keeps things moving. Then listen to the harmonies… kinda different, aren’t they? I think I’m starting to get what alt pop means. It feels like a pop song but without all the cliche structures that make the song predictable. It feels good but really unconventional. The lyrics are about self awareness. Pay attention to who you are and how you present yourself to others. It’s a self conscious, self-defining track that reminds me of the self discovery of my college years. It wouldn’t be out of place on a college rock station, to be honest.

biz colletti – “You are not a ghost”
-This… voice. This… song. My word. I don’t always get chills when I listen to music anymore, but this song does that for me. There’s so much spiritual energy to this track it’s almost incomprehensible. The vocal is amazing. The composition style is really special as well. Stylistically the combination of indie pop elements with almost cinematic backing work is spectacular. I’ve never quite heard anything like this, but it’s a piece of songwriting that I am excited to support here.

Smith, Lyle, and Moore – “Glimmer” ft. Dhani Harrison
-When you see Dhani Harrison listed on a track, you might not realize that this is the Dhani Harrison, as in child of the great George Harrison. There’s a fantastic beat on this track that makes it stand out from the crowd. Elements of the track feel almost like conventional folk rock but then other elements definitely go off in a more progressive and dynamic direction. The combination of elements here, including some outstanding harmonies, makes for a sound that you’ve never quite heard before. It’s not too outlandish to call this a great example of “alt pop” with elements of pop amiability combined with some alternative timing, chord progressions, and overall composition. It’s unique; give it a spin!

Image courtesy: Biz Colletti IG

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