Three folk singer songwriters to kick off a new week

Tyler Edwards – “Highway dust”
-If I had to pick a representative artist for modern folk music, Tyler Edwards would make the short list. Everything about this song captures what folk music is all about; relatable lyrics, accessible melody, and a vocal that makes you want to sing along. Edwards tells a story but also invites listeners to join in on the adventure. The “we can roll the windows down” lyric is about as open and inviting as it could be. If you’ve ever been on an adventure, driving away with someone you love (like a vacation) then this song will be relatable. This could do for a summer of 2022 theme song.

Amelia Day – “Centerpiece”
-The acoustic energy of this track from Amelia Day is really special. Day’s vocal brings a peaceful style to the track. The combination, though, produces a wonderful alchemy that feels old fashioned and brand new all at once. When Day’s voice soars on the chorus with the title lyric, it just feels right. The lyrics are about daily activities in a conflicted relationship; it’s tragic and sad, but probably quite relatable for a lot of listeners. The story is quintessential folk and the vocal absolutely shines. This is a gem.

Seafret – “Pictures”
-The subtle acoustic energy in the opening of this song immediate stood out to me. The lead vocal softly and gently mixes with the acoustic style. Something about this track from Seafret reminds me a bit of other new folk bands like the Head and the Heart. The sentimentality of the tracks emerges from each melodic line and certainly every lyric. It’s a work of poetry as much as it is a song. If you’re looking for a song that will make you stop right in your tracks and appreciate where you are in your life, take a listen to this brilliant piece of songwriting from Seafret. If you know someone with a fading memory, this song will hit with extra poignancy. I love it and I’m convincing myself that these are “good tears” welling up in my eyes as I type.

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