Great New Indie Rock

Findlay – “Somehow, Someday”

We are always ecstatic to hear new music from Findlay. She has a unique sound that nods at many of our favorite styles. Vocally, she is a powerhouse but also incredibly alluring. “Somehow, Someday” reminds us of some of the psych rock from the ’60’s while still sounding incredibly modern. The always changing artist strikes gold yet again with this one. You can hear more tracks on her impressive The Last of the 20th Century Girls album.

WILDES – “Lightly”

UK songwriter Ella Walker’s new project is powerful and empowering. The new track plays as a building ballad that will transfix audiences. Her vocals are nothing short of incredible, while the instrumentation is both eerie and hopeful. The track showcases all the things we love about covering music and is a testament to her rare talent.

IMBER – “Heat”

We don’t cover a lot of indie electronic music, so you know this has to be pretty great. While many in this space flood tracks with instrumentation, IMBER show a talented restraint that works. The result is a smooth and sometimes funky vibe that reflects the lockdown it was created in. This is a perfect track for a nighttime summer drive. There is a lot to love about IMBER, and “Heat” is a great example of what they do so well.

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