Three of the sweetest singer songwriter tracks you’ll ever hear

Bethany Sorenson – “Impossible things”
-There’s a sentimentality at the heart of this track that really works well. The piano style feels just right for the thoughtful and engaging lyrical style. Sorenson’s approachable gentleness helps to create a lullaby-like style. I suspect that the lyrics are inherently spiritually based, but even if you’re not connected to the spirituality of the song there’s a sweetness in the composition that is really endearing. As the song grows into a more theatrical place later in the track, the dynamics are well accomplished creating an emotional moment for the listener.

Augusta – “Give me a reason”
-I’ve been writing about Augusta for a while now and this song is just as lovely as the others I’ve covered. Augusta has the whole package for a singer songwriter. The phrasing and sincerity in her writing makes me smile every time. I haven’t met Augusta personally, but the music makes the connection. The acoustic guitar work feels relatable, but it’s the lyrical work that I find most impressive. Augusta’s songwriting is poetic and clear. Some might say the comparison for Augusta is Joni Mitchell and other mid-20th century folk songstresses, but in my mind Augusta is forging her own path. She is extraordinarily talented. Listen to this song and be better for it.

keyboard dog – “how she loves”
-If you’re a fan of piano-driven folk music, give this song from keyboard dog a spin. It’s got an infectious melody and some really nicely balanced layered vocals. The melody reminds me some of a Landon Pigg track from a few years back. Something about the overall energy of the track just feels like it was made to enjoy at a coffeeshop or just while reflecting. The careful dynamics of the ending leave the song just right, expressing love and connection with sincerity that feels genuine.

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