ØZWALD Shine With Their Best Work Yet

The prolific act øzwald are back with what we believe to be their finest tracks. Within their ambitious decision to release two albums a year, while touring with their original act (Lifehouse), the duo has been able to hone what makes the project so special. The band chemistry and overall talent of the act continue to impress, leaving them in rarified musical space. Earnestly, they continue to explore the spaces of indie rock, with these collection of songs being a little edgier than we were expecting. When we last checked in with the guys, they were covering many Beatles favorites. Perhaps informed by some of the act’s more psych leanings, ØZWALD are back with intriguing originals.

“Limelight Parade” has a certain danceable swagger to it. The track is definitely woozy while still being hip shockingly funky. We dig the instrumentation on this one and would not be at all surprised to hear it on an ad placement. If unfamiliar with the band, this is a great place to start.

“And So It Begins” has some solid guitar work leaning into the Iggy Pop and Dandy Warhols space. The track is just as danceable and undeniable cool. We get major New York cool vibes when we listen to this one. The vocal distortion is a nice touch.

“Smithereens” plays slower, in a more deliberate ballad style. If you like some of the track Black Rebel Motorcycle Club does in that space, you will be at home with this one. We especially like the midway point and how the drums breathe with their signature sound. It is easy to see their talent on this one.

ØZWALD has been a favorite of ours for awhile and this collection of songs beautifully showcase why. It all comes together, both ambition and talent, to shine a necessarily light on an essential act.

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