Three folk singer songwriters you should put on your weekend playlist

Jon Bell – “Who we want to be”
-Sometimes I run across a song that’s so good I don’t even want to write about it; I just want to shut up and listen. Jon Bell’s “Who we want to be” is one of those tracks. It’s stunningly beautiful, with a soul-stirring sincerity. The composition style takes elements of folk with some glowing contemporary soul stylings to create something that I can safely say you’ve never heard before. Genre-bending and endearingly honest, Jon Bell’s songwriting has stopped me in my tracks yet again. This is an absolute gem and I hope you will share it with everyone.

Kane Muir – “Where do you go?”
-If you’re a fan of the blues, you’ll find a lot to like about this track from Kane Muir. It does a nice job of capturing the traditional energy of the genre with a contemporary production polish. The overall track has a chilled out vibe even though it is, by definition, a heartbreak song. The guitar work and the vocal work really well together, but the harmonica does steal the show sometimes. If you’re deep in some feelings of heartache, this track will connect for sure.

Madeleine Kelson – “The way I do”
-Fans of old time country two step tracks will find a lot to like about this one from Madeleine Kelson. You’ll be wondering what year it is with such a beautifully vintage sound. It feels like one of those songs that’s just meant for a smoke-filled honky tonk. The lyrical theme takes on the traditional view of homosexuality head on. Kelson describes it as, “the big gay country song I wish I had growing up.” The throwback energy and contemporary message presents an intriguing juxtaposition.

Image courtesy: Jon Bell IG

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