Perfect Tracks to Stuff Your Musical Basket

CIEL – “Fine Everything”

The dark brooding shoe gazey style here is incredible. We love the rock style of Michele Hindricks, but her latest project might just be her best. There is a ’90’s style vibe we get from the sound of CIEL, that is only made more so with the video. The chorus of “Fine Everything” is catchy as hell, and beautifully sarcastic (which is sooo 1990’s). The track has teeth to it and showcases an earnest and near combustible energy that will undoubtedly find its way on your best playlist.

WILDES – “Woman In Love”

The music of WILDES stands confidently on the shoulders of giants. With influences of giants like St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, and P.J. Harvey, “Woman in Love” is a slow burning introduction to an undeniable talent. We love the sound here, but think it serves to bring listeners into her larger catalogue. “Woman In Love is a song of anger,” WILDES explains. “It’s all about the facade presented by someone who isn’t all that happy, and the rage that lies under the glassy exterior. I had put on a brave face for so long when I was in fact feeling underestimated, scared, manipulated, and cornered. I wanted to release that fury and fear in to a song and be honest for the first time about how I was feeling. The music was part inspired by artists who occupied my head at the time – PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, SASAMI. Unapologetically honest women and musicians. They gave me permission to come out of the box I’d been cowering in.” We love the artistic feel of her music and are excited to hear more from her this year.

Brittany Ann Tranbaugh – “Quarter Life Crisis Haircut”

Tranbaugh crafts a sardonic near classic Americana track on “Quarter Life Crisis Haircut”. We were reminded of some our favorite songwriters with her ability to turn a phrase almost magically. The music is tight, building with a chemistry and energy, while her vocals are indeed sarcastic, but also vulnerable and at times, heartbreaking. While we loathe the “new” country music that plays on the radio, we confidently believe artists like Tranbaugh, who occasionally dip into the country pool, could do so with authenticity, helping listeners to detox. Brittany Ann Tranbaugh is our favorite songwriter of ’22 so far.

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