Three engaging new rock outfits to keep classic rock energy alive

Thomas Bryan Eaton – “Younger man”
-Whew. There’s nothing I can say to prepare you for the emotional trip this song is about to put you on. The lyrics are about getting older — in a way. But they are also about how we are who we are deep down inside. This is a remarkable storytelling song. It’s an adventurous tune about heartache, heartbreak, and the long-lasting pain that follows. The use of the slide guitar and atmospheric keys bring the bluesy soulful core of this song out. This is like listening to church music in the vein of Kris Kristofferson… not a single word about God but the whole dang thing is about Love. I’ll be writing about this one in December, I think.

Max Garcia Conover – “mud”
-If you’re looking for an acoustic-centered rock tune, you’ll find a lot to like about this track from Max Garcia Conover. In fact, it feels as much folk as rock to me, but we’re going to include it on this list because it definitely captures an attitude sentiment that feels pretty rock n’ roll. It’s about persevering despite pain and heartache. There’s an atmospheric energy to this track that helps it take on a unique vibe. Conover’s layered vocal makes it feel conversational, informal, and like sharing an experience with a friend. It’s the whimsy of it that I like. I hope you do too.

Limon Limon – “Slow motion”
-Folk rock combines two of our favorite genres, so when we heard this smooth new track “Slow motion” we couldn’t help but take notice. The perfect balance from the electric guitars and the keys in the background provide the perfect base for a silky smooth lead vocal. The overall energy even has a bit of a soulful quality to it. When the whole composition comes together, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a Dire Straits vibe. This is definitely not your grandad’s rock music, but it’s got a cool polish that’s sure to win over a lot of fans in the folk rock scene.

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