Favorite Songwriters: Alix Page, Luke Sital-Singh, and Matilda Cole

Alix Page – “June Gloom”

“June Gloom” gives us endless feels. The ability of Page to craft poignant lyrics, is on par with artists already on your playlists, while her discipline in letting the track breathe, shows the act’s maturity. It is introspective, nostalgic, and incredibly affecting. Her talent makes her tracks a easy listen, although eliciting tears at times. Alix Page is a top talent.

Luke Sital-Singh – “California”

From the first time we heard him, we loved this songwriter. Recently he released the spiritually expressive “Me & God”, which gained much deserved praise. On “California”, we see a talented act that is able to craft thoughtful art at will. Musically, he blends a lot of different singer songwriter styles in a testament of his exceptional talent. Singh is a complete artist and if you have not heard him yet, you need to.

Matilda Cole – “Bite Down”

We could listen to Matilda Cole croon all day. Vocally, she is expressive, but it is her lyrics that are arresting. We appreciate the way she weaves in theological imagery with relational dynamics. The Brighton songwriter is gaining a lot of notoriety for her latest EP “The High Dive”. It is difficult to name a more talented songwriter in this moment. Her music is very much of the period we live, and deserves all the attention that is sure to come.

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