Three indie folk tracks that will calm your spirit for the coming weekend

Jordan Pratt – “The deepest of blues”
-There’s a beautiful depth to this song that makes it immediately stand out for me. When folk production brings in atmospheric elements, it always creates a different and lighter mood. Yet somehow the way the lyrics and the instrumentation work together on this track, it makes for a contemplative mood. The acoustic guitar work and peaceful vocal style work really well here. This is a treat and is sure to find its way on a lot of modern folk playlists in the coming weeks.

Emma Geiger – “Flock”
-If you are a fan of acoustic singer songwriters, you will find a lot to like about Emma Geiger’s track “Flock.” The poetic lyricism has a staid and steady substance to it. It’s the kind of song that feels like it needed to be written, whether anyone listens or not. There’s a confidence about it that I love. That said, you should absolutely hear this as the melody is also quite calming. The combination of contemplative lyric structures and a peaceful composition energy come together for the kind of placid folk that we love to feature here. This is perfect for reading, focusing, meditating, or just calmly letting the energy wash over you as you listen.

Ash & Eric – “Do something”
-After listening to this track a handful of times and liking it every time, the adjective that I keep coming up with is “smoky.” When I listen, though, I can’t quite discern what it is that makes that word come to mind repeatedly. The voices are clear and endearing. The guitar work is crisp, with a roving melody that feels like classic roots country music. The blurred lines between “folk” and “roots country” are evident on this bright and meaningful track. If you’ve ever been in a complicated relationship, this “on the brink of collapse” sentiment will resonate. It’s moving and emotional.

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