Three alt rock tracks that show us there’s no one way to bring down the house

Hollier – “Reckless love”
-There’s a quality to the guitars on this track that just stands out. Then the vocal starts… whew. Dang these boys can sing. I can’t help but draw the comparison to David Ramirez. There’s a grizzly sincerity to the track that definitely connects with us on this track. Part country, part alt rock, but with a whole lot of sizzling attitude, the song feels like it was tailor made for taking a trip with someone you love regardless of the consequences. This is a “go for broke” anthem and we are here for it.

Downtown Cowboy – “Reset Mantra”
-This track positively glows with energy. The production feels a bit like a vintage 70s mix. Once the vocal enters, there’s a Motown flavor to the record. The depth of sound is really satisfying. It’s got a soulful style that we love to support. But yet it’s not quite a fully neosoul track; the variegated textures of the track put it in a category all its own. If you’re looking to vibe out with sounds that feel both throwback and fresh for the current context, spin this one. The psychedelic vibes are *STRONG* on this vibey track.

Mr. Ms. and the Infusions – “Dirty Fingernails”
-Okay, fair warning there’s a lot going on with this song. And, I don’t think the band will mind me saying, it’s probably not a sound that’s for everyone. That said, the grungy lyrics contrast powerfully with the almost-saccharine style of vocal harmonies. The sound reminds me a bit of the Wonders from the film That Thing You Do. I know… just… stay with my comparison here. The vintage guitar and the harmonies feel like they are from that early 60s era. Yet the attitude and depth of the lyrics feel a lot more like a modern alt rock track. I am not entirely sure how to take the song overall, but I find it fascinating. The harmonies and production alone make it worth sharing. Hopefully readers dig it as well.

Image courtesy: Hollier IG

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