The BEST New Indie Rock Acts

Dropper – “Waste of Time”

This is a classic New York City band. The cool swagger of Dropper is palpable on “Waste of Time”. Their sound reminds listeners of lots of great acts both past and present. However, with their gaze toward the future, the music veterans deserve every bit of praise which is poured upon them. Gritty, crunchy, and fun, this is a surefire buzz worthy act.

Meltt – “Only in Your Eyes”

It is hard to classify this act. They have a fun bounce to their tracks, while still finding a way to be properly melancholy. While we have been impressed with the amount of solid Canadian acts coming our way lately, Meltt may just be the frontrunners for our favorite spot. Their sophomore album is due out this summer, and we think it will be an effort which unleashes them to a larger audience.

Broken Fires – “Midnight”

UK act Broken Fires are a respected act you need to experience without distraction. Lyrically, we are hard pressed to find a better young act. Reminiscent of Manchester Orchestra in their ability to tell a nostalgic and heart wrenching story, while still offering a hard-fought comfort, the band are an extraordinary talent. Their sound soars with an ability to bring listeners into an all encompassing sonic atmosphere. If you cannot tell, we love Broken Fires.

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