Three singer songwriters who stand out from the crowd

John Fellner – “Love like you”
-John Fellner has an amazing voice. The production balance on this track allows the personable vocal and lyrics to shine through. It’s about looking back on a relationship that was apparently pretty wonderful. The optimism in the acoustic work communicates the heart of the track; this isn’t a lamenting heartache song. It’s an aching heartache song. While Fellner’s vocal is familiar, I can’t quite put my finger on an easy comparison. Regardless, it’s a really good song and an excellent performance.

Jane Symmes – “Purple Lilacs”
-Something about Jane Symmes vocal and composition reminds me of listening to country music in the late 90s. It was a time where one could still hear the acoustic guitar in the mix and the vocals felt familiar. Symmes writes with clever turns of phrase and a simple basic concept of finding someone that you want to be with forever. The song encapsulates that old fashioned ethic of monogamy and puts it in a pretty little package. In a world that seems like it’s spinning off its axis sometimes, it’s great to appreciate a simple truth… to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak. It would sure be nice to hear music like this on the radio again some day.

Vivien Unsinn and Steve and the Sea – “Researcher”
-The genre on this track is all over the place in the best way possible; in its purest form it’s probably folk. That said, we’re really happy to have found this captivating little track. It talks about exploration, travel, and love at the heart of who we are as people. The lyrics feel like poetry with a unique pacing and syntax to them. The melody twists and turns, with more of a journey rather than the typical verse chorus verse formatting. It’s a beautiful exploration and unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Give it a spin and enjoy the adventure.

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