Three unique takes on indie rock showing the versatility of the genre

Elephant Castle – “No me and you”
-This is the brightest, most invigorating breakup song you’ll ever hear. The up tempo energy gives life while the lyrics cut to the quick of the message. The production work on this track is outstanding. Everything little inflection and effect works to convey the sadness of the song, yet there’s this endearing sense of sitting with the emotion. It’s not bitterness. It’s just sitting with the fact that the relationship is over. The rising harmonies on the bridge feels like that voice you have in your head when you’re telling yourself a hard truth. It’s so cool. It’s a refreshing take on a break up and a banger track.

Connor Berry – “Mr Rain”
-This song gives me chills. It’s the kind of song that gets into your bones when you listen to it. The message goes beyond the typical rock anthem and gives an intriguing blend of styles. The opening feels like a different song than what it evolves into after the break. The expressive melodic elements have an electrifying theatricality to them. It’s a captivating style that will pull you in to wonder who this Mr. Rain is. Connor Berry provides an unprecedented songwriting style with glimpses of Oasis, Queen, and Broadway music flair. Really, you just have to listen to it.

Tyler Lee Frush – “State of mind”
-Initially you might think that this is more of an Americana song, but stick with it. The soul of the track is rock n’ roll in the way that we might count Johnny Cash a rock artist in some regards. The texture and mood of this track is really fascinating. Frush has a captivating lyrical style. I appreciate the production decision to make the vocal stand out a bit with an effect that works without distorting the quality of the inflections. Fans of country flavored rock will dig this one a lot.

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