Three enjoyable new indie folk tunes you’ll want on your playlists immediately

Keston Cobblers Club – “Mrs Dixon”
-The acoustic guitar fingerpicking in the opening of this song is really pleasant. The song takes on a unique energy with a tuba and some beautiful energy. The vocal harmonies work really well. This is definitely the kind of indie folk that we love to support. We’re not entirely sure that we understand the lyrics, but the composition is so wonderful, particularly the string work and vocals, that we wanted to include it here. Check it out!

Joshua Hyslop – “Older”
-We’ve been featuring Joshua Hyslop’s music on our site for years. His calming vocal style and introspective writing is consistently amazing. Hyslop writes folk music like a poet. The acoustic guitar work is always satisfying, but the reflective lyrical work is on exceptional level. The lyrics in this one are about how we can’t stop time and that love grows over time, even if it’s hard for us to grasp or understand. It’s a lyrical concept that connects with me deeply. There’s even a trumpet solo, which I adore. This is a beautiful composition from start to finish.

Oliver Burdo – “Only you can tell”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic singer songwriters, check out Oliver Burdo’s work. There’s an intriguing, timeless sensibility to the composition style. Burdo seems like the kind of guy who would enjoy sitting in the corner of a coffeeshop or bookstore venue, just playing his tunes and smiling at folks as they come in. The lyrics are literary and charming, with a subtle love song sentiment. The rhythmic and conceptual shift on the bridge is really a bright composition choice. Fans of 60s folk revival music will dig Burdo’s style.

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