3 INCREDIBLY Talented Canadian Acts

Soft Top Intrepid – “Lemon Lung”

his is an incredibly fun song. The upbeat indie pop style, has a bit of Strokes to it, while still being affectingly original. With each listen, we heard a new instrumentation that continued to win our hard-won affection. With a fun bounce, the punchy track shows a natural talent for ear worm creation. The Canadian act made us smile, which in 2022 is quite the feat. Regardless of your musical taste, you are sure to love this one, and perhaps even feel a little less burdened.

Georgia Harmer – “Headrush”

Our new favorite songwriter is Georgia Harmer. Seamlessly blending indie pop with grunge influences, Harmer croons with confidence on “Headrush”. The guitar on this one provides a backbone that progresses the track along, without being redundant. While her songwriting is tight, going beyond her mere 22 years, it is the way she sings that is the most poignant and even a little hypnotizing. When we think of the traits that make a great artist, we would be hard pressed not to find most of them thriving within “Headrush”. Georgia Harmer is something special.

Alex McCulloch – “Fuck You, God, I’m Busy”

The natural talent of McCulloch shines through on this one. Her ability to craft melancholy folk rock ballads reminds us of some of our favorite classic country artists. Her latest track was produced by Dave Ritter from (site favorite) The Strumbellas. The collaboration really makes the sound come alive and helps an already gifted artist thrive. “Fuck You, God, I’m Busy” captures the spirit of the past few years, in both relationships and life. We appreciate the snark on this one, but just beyond the provocative title, is a rare talent.

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