Three indie pop tracks to get you hyped for the weekend

Jordan Whitlock – “Salty”
-No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what kind of music you think you like… stop and listen to Jordan Whitlock’s “Salty.” It’s a bit of R&B, a bit of soul, a bit of pop, and a bit something that you’ve never heard before. Something about the soulful energy reminds me of what I loved when I found Mac Ayres. There’s an intriguing confidence about this sound that demands your attention. Fans of modern electronic-fused soulful music will find a lot to like about the production and Whitlock’s vocal will win over the rest of the crowd. This is an amazing track.

Lake Malawi – “Spinning”
-Yes, this is a song about desiring the coach at a spinning class. It’s both hilarious and unsettlingly relatable if you’ve ever fantasized about someone in a situation where you probably shouldn’t. The disco beat drives a really fun loving track. It’s a song that would work perfectly for a dance party. The production is really well done as it is easy to understand the lyrics and connect with the fun and flirty mood of the track. I kinda like it like that. Woo hoo!

Good Lekker – “Belligerence”
-We don’t always feature music with a big time synth sound, but this track from Good Lekker definitely stood out from the crowd. The production mix allows the vocal to shine through really well. It reminds me of some of the pop punk stuff that I really liked in the early 2000s. The tricky syncopation in the percussion part is enough to keep me coming back for more and the combination of the moving rhythm with the clear vocal works well. There’s a whole vibe to this track that makes the genre-smashing nature of it worth supporting with repeated listens.

Image courtesy: Jordan Whitlock IG

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