Unstoppable 2022 Indie Rock

Slow Fiction – “The Cut”

There is too much to like and not enough space to give proper due to this new act. Their ability to craft modern indie rock is matched only by the beautifully poetic crooning. The NYC band have their ears on the pulse of the cityscape sound, while being able to lean into those who have came before. “The Cut” is set to be on their first proper release due later this year. If it is any sign of what is to come for the young band, we are listening to a surefire buzz worthy act of earnest proportions. Their talent and allure are palpable.

Dead Chic – “Too Far Gone”

We dig the soulful rock vibes here. The duo have everything you want in your rock act. Throwback guitar tones, ’60’s drum beats, and uneasy near combustible vocals. With one step in the past and the other in the future, “Too Far Gone” is a near perfect piece of rock to kick off ’22. With many acts trying to overanalyze and ultimately complicating their sound, Dead Chic keep it fantastically simple and earnest. The result is a must hear.

Øzwald – “Lab Rats: White Coats

After a tremendous amount of releases for a side project, this act have properly found their golden groove with “Lab Rats: White Coats”. The psych influenced rock vibes remind us of later Beatles, while still having a solid and danceable groove. Our only complaint is that the track is almost criminally too short. We could definitely use another few minutes of instrumentals. The duo here are both veteran artists, and it shows. Tight and intentional, the act are sure to have continued success in the new year.

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